Why Did I Become a Health & Wellness Coach?

So, what was the driver behind me choosing to become a Health & Wellness Coach?  Well, that’s a complicated answer (isn’t it always?!).  I guess I’ll start from the ah-ha moment which happened following a period of many personal and health challenges in my life.

My story starts 5 years ago, aged 43, following a half marathon I did in London in October 2018, the usual aches and pains ensued in the days after the event which was pretty normal. It didn't usually take longer than a few days for my body to fully recover, however this time things felt different.

I was exhausted, physically, mentally and for a while I just put it down to my age and that maybe I needed to allow for a longer recovery period, but it became apparent pretty quickly that something was going on.  My bones were hurting. I was having pains in my lower back, hips and groin and coupled with debilitating insomnia, brain fog, acne and seriously low energy, I started to wonder if there was something seriously wrong with me.

All of this was happening whilst working in a pretty fast-paced, highly pressured, time sensitive environment, within the computer games industry.  As Operations Director for the EMEA region at the time, the pressures and responsibilities were not outside the normal realms of expectation for me.

Having worked in the industry for over 20 years at this point, dare I say it, I was pretty proficient in my role, or so I thought.  As my symptoms progressed, I struggled with even basic tasks, which I could ordinarily perform on auto-pilot in my day-to-day role.  Everything seemed to take a huge amount of effort, oftentimes having to sense check or verify aspects repeatedly as I was questioning everything and my confidence levels were plummeting.

It was exhausting!!  I was having to work twice as hard for the same results and I felt that if I shared how this was impacting my work life, it would call into question my professional capacity which was a hugely horrifying concept to me.

The anxiety and emotional stress I felt throughout this period was immeasurable and in tandem, I was undergoing many medical tests, consultations for various symptoms, I was being pulled from pillar to post in varying fields; urology, rheumatology, gynaecology, none of which could really get to the root cause of the symptoms.

It was only when I started to share how I was feeling with close friends that I began to join the dots, with many of us having similar stories.  We were all showing signs of perimenopause and whilst some of us were having similar symptoms, our experiences were different and unique. Some of us were having extreme symptoms and really struggling, whereas others were coping and managing well.

We all agreed that the lack of understanding, support or information from the medical sector was pretty staggering and for me personally having spoken to many “experts” in their fields, not one of them hinted or suggested that I could be menopausal, which is simply staggering, given that over 50% of the population will go through it.

So here in lies my ah-ha moment, I was so disillusioned with doctors who all wanted to plug me with unnecessary medication, none of which related to my menopausal symptoms I hasten to add!! I decided to embark on learning everything I could within the Holistic Health spectrum and found the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a teaching organisation whose core concept of this holistic approach considers all aspects of an individual from your physical health, nutrition and environment, to your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

And there you have it, I qualified in 2021 and decided to take a leap of faith and left my career in games and started my coaching practice, which of course was a scary prospect.  Sitting inside my comfort zone was easy and I knew starting a business was the complete opposite of that, but here I am 2 years later, loving my job, loving my life and managing my perimenopause holistically.

There are many more stories and insights I would love to share with you, everything from a health and wellness perspective and also on the topic of menopause, both of which I feel so passionately about and are the driving force behind who I am and what I do, my PURPOSE and my WHY.

Remember feed the MIND, BODY & SOUL!



If you’d like to find out more, then please feel free to contact me by email on silv@silvanagreenfield.com




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