What Makes A Good Leader?

What Makes A Good Leader? This was the question I found myself asking following the closing scenes at Anfield Football Club yesterday.  NO wait….bear with me, before you glaze over and in the spirit of full disclosure, I neither like football or a Liverpool FC fan.  However, being with a partner who is an avid...Continue reading

The Power of Connection

This past weekend, with parents in tow, I attended a celebratory dinner in honour of my godparents, who were marking the impressive milestone of their 60th wedding anniversary. Whilst this in itself was a genuine cause to mark the occasion with a party, I was excited at the prospect of meeting up with members of...Continue reading

Complementary Therapies

Many complementary therapies place no boundaries between physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, where every aspect of self is relevant, whether that be your lifestyle, relationships, belief system or even the work you do, they all play a part in your health.  Often, we turn to these modalities and philosophies when we feel we need additional...Continue reading

Hormones and the Menopause

Let’s face it, when the first signs and symptoms of the perimenopause make an unceremonious appearance, everything starts to feel a little off kelter and it’s like we’re having an out of body experience.  This can be an incredibly unsettling and challenging time for many, evoking big emotions around how our lives are changing and...Continue reading

Nutrition and the Menopause

It’s January and following the gluttony and overconsumption of the holiday period, many of us take a stance of new year, new you outlook, but honestly this approach never ends well (please don’t shoot the messenger!).  Short term, quick fixes, with aesthetic goals as the core emphasis simply don’t work, end of conversation! When looking...Continue reading

Coping with Redundancy

As we approach World Mental Health Day (10th October), it’s not hard to understand why there is an evident increase in people displaying obvious signs of mental, physical and emotional exhaustion. Global events such as the cost of living, overseas conflicts and the echoes of the pandemic have all contributed to a prevalence of anxiety,...Continue reading

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