Hi I’m Silv!

As a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach my mission is to help individuals achieve whole person health, happiness and well-being.

Having carved a successful career spanning over 25 years in the Computer Games Industry, I decided to take a more holistic path.  After a period of great difficulty in my personal life, it spurred the beginning of my desire to learn and qualify in many areas of the wellness spectrum.  Not only did this lead to my healing process, but has been the driving force behind my desire to help others make true and lasting transformation.

I believe that we are all on a journey of self-discovery, one where we are constantly seeking answers to the questions: "Why am I here?" and "What do I want out of life?"

In our sessions, I teach you the art of living in harmony with yourself, so you can become your most authentic self.  Of course, I understand the process of making long-term sustainable lifestyle changes can be difficult, but I’m here to tell you it's not impossible! And that's why my coaching sessions are designed to help you discover your purpose, so that you can live your best life possible.

My goal is to empower and mentor you through these changes, by providing the tools and support on your journey.  I want to help you make your vision a reality, creating a life full of joy and meaning - and I'll be right there by your side along the way!

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